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SeaFood Expo gives you a chance to meet 5,000 buyers over 50 countries. It helps you to understand more about seafood market which helps you analyse SWOT i.e you're Strength, Weakness, opportunities and threats. This will help you to stay stable in the long run. More over meeting people face to face will help you to learn more about the exhibitors and their plans. You can even study about the different tied up with existing customers or make connection with the new dealers and distributors. It can also prove as cost effective way to promote your new and existing product and services. Seafood Industry is mainly established on Islamic rules and principles which are followed by producers, buyers and customers. So, taking part in such a SeaFood Expo can prove advantageous if you are ethically conscious about religion belief.

We can give you some key reasons why you should participate in SeaFood Expo - Dubai 2021. Have a look below:-

Gain access to the lucrative and growing MIDDLE EAST SEAFOOD MARKET
Meet over 5,000 buyers from over 50 countries
To introduce new product to the world market
Connect with new dealers & distributors
Reinforce better ties with existing customers
Cost-effectively promote your products and services
Generate immediate sales and orders
Achieve better understanding of the regional markets
Secure alliances & joint ventures with leading suppliers in the industry

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From Tuesday, 28th Sept 2021
To Wednesday, 29th Sept 2021

Daily opening hours:
10:00 AM - 05:00 PM

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